Far more beautiful.


Let’s face it: Away from sterile seminar rooms and barren conference hotels, ideas bubble up much more easily – and in the well-deserved breaks, sometimes a drink or two, as well. Whether it’s a conference, a workshop or a product presentation, the private, historic building atmosphere of the Meierei is the perfect venue to break away from the daily routine and to work on innovative projects in a happy and relaxed way and, of course, to leave an (unforgettable) impression.

Salon I + II

Where work becomes an event: Far away from the dull office routine, the two salons on the ground floor of the Meierei offer a welcome change of scenery for up to 60 people and provide both the best views and new perspectives – on the city, on your business or on whatever you are looking at – and perhaps from the spacious terrace simply into the void … Since by then it has become clear: Work doesn’t need to feel like work and this – in turn ­– feels good. Or how do you see that?